• Constellation: Ophiuchus
  • Right Ascension: 16h 30m 18.0584s
  • Declination: –12° 39′ 45.325″
  • Distance: 7.9 ly
  • Apparent Magnitude: 10.07

Another entry from astronomer Max Wolf's catalog of stars displaying high proper motion across the sky. Wolf 1061 is an M class red dwarf located constellation of Ophiuchus at a distance of 13.8 light years from Earth.  It's claim to fame came in 2015 when a team analyzing 10 years worth of data from the HARPS spectrograph along with photometry measurements announced the discovery of three low mass, possibly rocky planets orbiting Wolf 1061. Two of the planets would lie near the habitable zone.

Imaged using the ED80CFT refractor and Atik 314L+ mono ccd, using 13 x 120 second exposures through R/G/B filters.





  • Telescope: EDT 80mm Reftactor
  • Camera: Atik 314l+