• Constellation: Canis Minor
  • Right Ascension: 07h 39m 18.11950s
  • Declination: +05° 13′ 29.9552"
  • Distance: 11.5 ly
  • Apparent Magnitude: 0.34

Procyon lies only 111/2 light years away in the constellation of Canis Minor, Due to its being a spectral type F5 white main sequence star, and its nearness to Earth, it is the 8th brightest star in the night sky at magnitude of 0.34. The name comes from ancient Greek that means "before the dog" which refers to the star Sirius, which was often called the dog star. To viewers in the northern hemisphere, Procyon rises in the east before Sirius. Procyon also is a binary star system that contains a white dwarf. Detection of the white dwarf is very difficult due to its faintness next to Procyon's brightness, and its close in orbit that varies from 9 to 21 AU. As you can see in my image, the glare from the star and halos from the color filters would make it impossible to see a white dwarf.

30 second exposures through R/G/B filters with the ED80CFT refractor, and Atik314L+ mono ccd camera.


  • Telescope: EDT 80mm Reftactor
  • Camera: Atik 314l+