• Constellation: Ophiuchus
  • Right Ascension: 17h 57m 48.49803s
  • Declination: +04° 41′ 36.2072"
  • Distance: 6 ly
  • Apparent Magnitude: 9.5

Barnard's Star is a low mass red dwarf star located in the constellation of Ophiuchus. It is an old star at an estimated age of 7 to 12 billions years of age. Red dwarfs such as this one can "burn" for a trillion years. Even at it's advanced age, it can produce flares, which are random, dramatic increases of brightness lasting many minutes.

Barnard's Star displays the highest proper motion of any of the stars due to its closeness at only 6 light years and its actual motion through space. It's movement is quite noticeable even at a years interval.

It's motion will bring it to within 3.75 light years distance from Earth at around 11,800 AD.

The animated image gif shows the motion over a two year span taken a few weeks ago, and summer two years ago.

All images were taken by my 80 mm refractor and monochrome ccd.


  • Telescope: EDT 80mm Reftactor
  • Camera: Atik 314l+