• Constellation: Sagittarius
  • Right Ascension: 20h 06m 04.85s
  • Declination: −21° 55′ 17.85″
  • Distance: 68,000 ly

If globular cluster NGC 5897 (2022) ranks low on the Shapely-Sawyer concentration scale, Messier 75 comes out at the top of it's class with a rank of 1 (I). If it wasn't for being on the other side of the galactic center, it would be much more spectacular to image. The cluster has a radius of 67 light years, and contains some 400,000 stars. Would definitely be a sky full of bright stars if one was located inside the cluster.

  • Telescope: Explore Scientific 127 Refractor
  • Camera: ZWO 2600 MM