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Tuesday, 30 November 2021 17:12

NGC 7790 and NGC 7788

NGC 7790, center of image is a young open cluster located in Cassiopeia with an estimated age of 60 to 80 million years. Open cluster NGC 7788 lies to the lower left of NGC 7790

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Friday, 26 November 2021 16:25

Messier 103 (2021)

Messier 103 is an ope star cluster located in Cassiopeia. Contains at least 107 members, its one of the smallest and at 10,000 light years one of the more remote clusters.

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Friday, 05 March 2021 13:54

NGC 2129

A small compact open cluster. Consisting of 37 likely members, within a radius of 4 light years. Estimated age is around 10 million years making it a young cluster. 

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Thursday, 21 January 2021 17:17

Messier 35

Messier 35, and NGC 2158, two open clusters located in Gemini the Twins. These are more like distant relatives. M 35 is relatively near by at only 2,800 light years, and NGC 2158 is a distant 15,000 light years away. M 35 is a young cluster at around 150 million years old, and NGC 2158 is an old 2 billion years old cluster. M 35 has an abundance of bright blueish stars that burn through their fuel at a faster rate, and only the older more yellowish survive in NGC 2158.

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Friday, 15 January 2021 16:28

NGC 7510

NGC 7510 a compressed young open cluster located in Cepheus. Some dimming of the stars due to a plume of gas and dust that is plentiful in the area.

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Wednesday, 30 December 2020 14:47

NGC 7209

NGC 7209 is an open cluster located in Lacerta, it consists of around 150 members with an estimated age of 420 million years. Discovers by William Herschel in October 1787.

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Thursday, 17 December 2020 15:16

Messier 45 - 2020 Version

Messier 45 is a young open cluster located in Taurus. Also know as the Pleiades, or the Seven Sisters. Visible to the naked eye, the cluster has been known since ancient times. It's curious that Charles Messier included it in his catalog of non-comet objects as there is little chance of it being confused with a comet. Originally thought the reflection nebula surrounding the stars was left over debris from their formation, but at 100 million years of age, it should have been dispersed. It is now assumed the cluster is just passing through a dust cloud. Light from the hot O type blue stars is reflected off the surrounding dust creating the reflection nebula around the stars.

The cluster contains over 1,000 stars and is around 444 light years away.

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Thursday, 17 December 2020 14:03

NGC 7686

NGC 7686 an open cluster (maybe) located in Andromeda. One source says its just a chance alignment based on its HR diagram, everyone else classifies it as an open cluster. Distance 900-3,000 light years? Not a lot of info on it. Bright stars are probably not members of the cluster.

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Thursday, 10 December 2020 13:29

NGC 7822

Image of part of an young emission nebula that spans 40 light years across located in Cepheus. The cluster is mostly illuminated by a star named BD+66, one of the hottest stars at 100,000 times more luminous than our sun. A young stellar nursery that is forming new stars from the clouds of dust and gas.

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Thursday, 12 November 2020 17:17

NGC 129

NGC 129 an open cluster in Cassiopeia. Contains several giant stars including the Cepheid variable star DL Cas which can used to measure its distance of around 5,300 light years.  Contains 35 - 80 members and estimated age of 77 million years old.

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