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M 16, The Eagle Nebula (2019)

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Messier 16, or often called the Eagle Nebula from the shape of the nebula, or Star Queen Nebula, from the shape of the pillars. The nebula is a star forming region in the constellation of Serpens. The bright cluster of O type stars seen in the right side of the nebula (NGC 6611) are responsible for illuminating the nebula.

The most famous part of the nebula, made famous by a Hubble image is the central spires in the nebula nicknamed the "pillars of creation". The hot white stars of NGC 6611 are gradually the dust structures in the nebula creating the spires. The spires are also locations of new stars being born in the clouds of dust, hence the name. The tallest pillar is approximately 4 light years in length. The entire nebula is located at a distance of 7,000 light years.

Imaged with the ES127 refractor, and Atik 314l+ ccd camera Ha, R/G/B filters with the Ha signal mixed into the red channel to highlight the nebula.

Additional Info

  • Constellation: Serpens
  • Right Ascension: 18h 18m 48s
  • Declination: −13° 49'
  • Distance (Lightyears): 7,000
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