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Sn 2021hiz and Galaxy UGC 7513

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Sn 2021hiz Sn 2021hiz

Newly discovered SN2021hiz located in galaxy UGC 7513 in the Virgo constellation. Discovered March 30. Type 1a supernova, created by a white dwarf in a binary system. Further brightening is expected before it fades away. 

Updated color image of the supernova taken on April 7th, 2021, it's clearly standing out in the host galaxy


Additional Info

  • Constellation: Virgo
  • Right Ascension: 12h 25m 41s.678
  • Declination: +07°13'42".22
  • Telescope: Explore Scientific 127 Refractor
  • Camera: ZWO 1600MM Mono cmos
  • Galaxy Type: SBc
  • Variable Type: Supernova
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