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Messier 42 The Orion Nebula

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The Orion Nebula The Orion Nebula

Messier 42, The Orion Nebula is one of the most iconic deep sky objects and one of the brightest nebula, it can be seen as a fuzzy star in the sword of Orion figure. Illuminated by a central cluster of stars, the four primary ones are referred to as the Trapezium, for their shape of a trapezoid. As a stellar nursery it is in the process of forming new stars as pockets of the nebula collapse under gravity.

Additional Info

  • Constellation: Orion
  • Right Ascension: 05h 35m 17.3s
  • Declination: −05° 23′ 28″
  • Distance (Lightyears): 1,300
  • Telescope: Orion ED80cft Refractor
  • Camera: ZWO ASI071 OSC cmos
  • Galaxy Type: 4.0
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