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NGC 3079 and the Twin Quasar

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NGC 3079 NGC 3079

NGC 3079 is a barred spiral in Ursa Major, but for me the real "star" in this image is the Twin Quasar. Which is a single quasar that appears doubled by gravitational lensing by a foreground galaxy. It took the light 8.7 billion years to arrive here. The light from one component takes an additional 14 months to arrive having taken a longer path. This was the first observable object demonstrating the effects of gravitational lensing.



Additional Info

  • Constellation: Ursa Major
  • Right Ascension: 10h 01m 20.99s
  • Declination: +55° 53′ 56.5"
  • Distance (Lightyears): 8.7 billion
  • Telescope: Explore Scientific 127 Refractor
  • Camera: ZWO 1600MM Mono cmos
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