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Albireo Albireo

Albireo or Beta Cygni, is one of the finest double stars in the northern hemisphere. Located at the "beak" of Cygnus the Swan, the two stars show a vivid contrast in color. Although the two stars don't seem to be a true binary due to their distance between them and their motion across the sky. Just two stars passing in the night. However both stars do have companion stars that are too close in to be resolved by optical means. 

Additional Info

  • Constellation: Cygnus
  • Right Ascension: 19h 30m 43.286s
  • Declination: +27° 57′ 34.84″
  • Distance (Lightyears): 430
  • Telescope: GSO 254mm RC
  • Camera: ZWO ASI071 OSC cmos
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