Saturday, 09 November 2019 02:50

NGC 7741

NGC 7741 A barred spiral located in the Pegasus constellation. A barred galaxy has a central bar with spiral arms trailing off of the bar. Many additional distant background galaxies are also in this image.

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Thursday, 05 September 2019 23:11

NGC 206

Star Clouds of Andromeda featuring NGC 206 in the center, which is an OB association of hot O and B type stars numbering over 300 and stretching some 4,000 light years.

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Friday, 09 August 2019 13:27

Hercules Galaxy Cluster

Abell 2151 - Hercules Galaxy cluster. Over 200+ distant galaxies in this image. Galaxies are located 450-500 million light years away. Part of the larger Hercules super cluster.

Annotated image follows..

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Friday, 02 August 2019 13:34

NGC 4490

NGC 4490, commonly called the Cocoon Galaxy is a disrupted barred spiral galaxy located in the constellation of Canes Venatici. A smaller companion galaxy NGC 4485 has interacted with it in the past, creating a distorted galaxy and helping to produce rapid star formation.

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Saturday, 27 April 2019 15:28

Leo Triplet

Leo Triplet (M65, M66, NGC 3628) in my favorite orientation. The galaxies form part of the M66 Group. The three galaxies show signs of gravitational interaction in the past. M66 has drawn out spiral arms that show a high rate of star formation. NGC 3628 has a long tidal tail stream visible in deep exposure image, in addition to it's warped disk in our edge on view.

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Wednesday, 17 April 2019 18:08

M 81 and M 82

Messier 81 is a spiral galaxy about half the size of the Milky Galaxy with a diameter of 90,000 light years, lies about 12 million light years away.

Messier 82 has a diameter of 37,000 light years and is classified as a star burst galaxy. It is undergoing rapid star formation most likely caused by gravitational interaction with M81 and NGC 3077.

NGC 3077 is an elliptical galaxy that appears to have been disrupted by M81 and M82. All of these galaxies belong to the Messier 81 galaxy group. One of the closer galaxy groups to our own Local group.

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Wednesday, 03 April 2019 10:09

NGC 4565 The Needle Galaxy

NGC 4565 or the Needle Galaxy, edge on view of a spiral galaxy located in Coma Berenices, around 40 million light years away. A prominent dust lane is visible the entire length of the galaxy. Slightly larger than our own galaxy, with over two hundred globular clusters that surround the galaxy.

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Wednesday, 02 January 2019 18:39

M 33 - Triangulum Galaxy

M 33 or the Triangulum Galaxy at only 3 million light years away, is the third biggest galaxy in our local group of galaxies. It is a smaller spiral galaxy with a size of 60,000 light years across compared to M 31's 220,000 light years size. Furthest distance object that is capable of being seen with only the eye, although it would take clear and dark skies to see it. Probably first recorded by Giovanni Battista Hodierna in 1654. Compiled by Charles Messier in his catalog in 1771.

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Wednesday, 02 January 2019 18:36

NGC 772

Start off the year with a galaxy, NGC 772. 130 million light years away in Aries, at twice the size of our galaxy. Elongated spiral arm probably caused by one of its satellite galaxies.

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Wednesday, 19 December 2018 14:49

NGC 253 The Sculptor Galaxy

Located in Sculptor, of course, the Sculptor Galaxy is sometimes referred to as the Silver Dollar Galaxy. It is one of the brighter galaxies after the ones in the Local Group.

Discovered by Caroline Herschel in 1783, William Herschel added it to his catalog of deep sky objects.

Imaged with a remote telescope located in Australia.

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