Constellation: Auriga
Right Ascension: 05h 42m 36.138s
Declination: +49° 51′ 07.23″
Distance: 0.545 redshift
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3C 147 is a quasar located in the constellation of Auriga. A quasar is a term that originated with the term quasi-stellar object (QSO). When first discovered, they looked like stars, but their spectrum resembled a galaxy, and when their red-shift of their spectrum was measured, it indicated an object at extreme distance, which was quite a paradox. They now are identified as a active galactic nucleus powered by a super massive black hole with in-falling matter creating a light source that can be thousand times brighter than an entire galaxy. The red-shift of 3C 147 indicates that the light we see today took 5.1 billion light-years to reach us.

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Telescope: GSO RC10
Camera: ZWO A071 Color